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Jungkook released the song My You as a gift for ARMYs on June 13th, 2022 — BTS' 9th debut anniversary. The song talks about Jungkook's feelings towards ARMYs.

My You, literally ‘나의 너’ in Korean means ‘You, who are mine’; also sounds loosely similar to the words ‘마이유’ which roughly translates to ‘my reason’.

Jungkook also wrote a letter along with the song lyrics on BTS' blog. The letter provides a little more depth to the song. The translation for the letter is provided at the end of the lyrics.


Summer has already spread in the air
Breeze is already blowing
The last cold snap is going out

The days were getting longer and longer
But my days were still going on and on and on
I got wet in the sun shower and looked up at the night sky

It was quite a lonely night
In the blink of an eye
The dark faded out
Blooming under the sunlight
Memories with me and you

All these lights are colored in by you
All these times are precious due to you
Four seasons have passed with you
Four scents were left 'cause of you

All the reasons why I can laugh out
All the reasons why I sing this song
Thankful to be by your side now
I'll try to shine brighter than now

혹시 꿈일까
또 잠이 든다
영원할 수 있을까

(I'm worried that) it'll all disappear
Is it maybe a dream
After tossing and turning
I fall asleep again
Could it last forever

사무친 이 맘¹
달래어 보다¹

밤에 잠겨 감긴다

My heart permeated (with these thoughts)¹
I try to soothe it¹

I dive into the night, it coils around me (and I fall asleep)

사뭇 쓸쓸했던 밤
어느새 먹구름은 흩어져가
빛줄기 밑 새겨진
너와 남긴 온기들

A quite forlorn night
Before I know, the dark clouds dissipates away
Engraved under the rays of light
Warmth(s) left by me and you

모든 빛은 네게 물들고
나의 시간은 완벽해져
네 번의 계절 또다시
더 짙어지게 또다시

All the lights are tinged by you
And (all) my times become perfect (by you)
The four seasons, once again
(The colors) deepen even more, once again

내가 미소를 짓는 이유도
이 노랠 부를 수 있는 것도
네 곁이기에 감사해
더 빛나볼게 환하게

Even the reason(s) I can smile
Even the reason(s) I can sing this song
I'm thankful to be beside you
I'll try to shine even more brilliantly

On a starry night
Hope my you sleep tight
Shining purple light
Thankful to be by your side now

On a starry night
Hope my you sleep tight
Shining purple light

네 곁이기에 감사해

I'm thankful to be beside you





1. The lyric “사무친 이 맘, 달래어 보다” talks about the singer's (Jungkook) heart being permeated by the worries mentioned in the prior lyrics and also the hope that this all lasts forever:
“(I'm worried that) it'll all disappear
Is it maybe a dream”
”Could it last forever”

Followed by the:
”My heart permeated (with these thoughts, I try to soothe my heart”

Here is the translation of the note written by Jeon Jungkook:

When I think about you guys (ARMYs) these emotions fill me up and overwhelm me so much that I sometimes think about ‘what would I do if all of this disappears’, ‘if this is all a dream’... I thought about things like that.

Therefore I came to write a song on that basis and I wondered if the song's vibes might become too sad/depressing so I filled up the song lyrics with pretty words.


It's a song solely for you guys (ARMYs) & even to me who made this song, and to you all who are listening to it, eventually I hope it can become a song that makes one feel hopeful, shining by ourselves, and a song that gives (us) strength.


ARMY, you all, thank you always, and let's go on making even more great memories in the future.



I love you.

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