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Learn Korean
Language with Sel

Are you interested in learning Korean but don't have a guide?
Sel is here for you!

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Learn Korean With Sel

For beginner and intermediate students

These classes are for those who want a fun way of learning Korean through various methods such as voice calling or video calling. The students can rest easy as they don't have to turn on the camera during the class!


The new students include those who are starting from scratch, as well as, those who can read the Hangeul characters and know how to form basic sentences, and wish to learn further! There are no age restrictions as learning has no age!

The classes are divided based on Grade levels such as Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 2, and so on. I have experience teaching students foundational and intermediate level Korean language for over three years since 2020. Many students started at Grade 0 and moved up to Grade 3 and 4.

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Fee Structure

Individual classes

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Group classes

For those who wish to join Group weekend classes, please stay on the lookout for Google Forms being posted for application on Twitter for Grade 0 and Grade 1  groups.

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