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For beginner and intermediate students

These classes are for those who want a fun way of learning through various ways such as voice calling or video calling! The students can pick their preferred way. The new students include those who are starting from scratch, as well as, those who can read the Hangeul characters and know how to form basic sentences, and wish to learn further! There are no age restrictions as learning has no age!

The classes are divided based on Grade levels such as Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 2, and so on. I have experience teaching students basic and intermediate Korean language for over a year and 6 months. Many students started at Grade 0 and moved up to Grade 3 and 4.

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Hello, I’m Pheebs from Singapore! It’s been a few months since I started Korean classes with Sel & I’ve been having an enjoyable time learning. Honestly speaking learning Korean is harder than I thought I'd be but Sel has been really good with how she teaches us. She’s extremely patient and is always helpful in guiding us on the proper pronunciations or spellings. It’s been a really fruitful time & I’m always looking forward to classes


I'm so glad a friend recommended Sel's classes to me, they've really been something to look forward to during the pandemic. Learning a new language is hard and so is staying motivated, so being taught by an ARMY helps a lot - during class there'll be references to BTS song lyrics, memes and other inside jokes that finally make sense when you understand a little bit of Korean. It creates a common ground and excitement that is motivating. It also really helps that Sel herself also had to learn Korean, because this means she understands the learning process and is able to explain everything in-depth. She's also funny and understanding, and there's room for jokes and (BTS) tangents in class too. This all makes class a lot less scary than it can be and it encourages me to do better. So if you're serious about wanting to learn Korean and you like the idea of being taught by a fellow ARMY, I'd absolutely recommend it! 


I joined Sel’s class over a year ago and it has helped me both dedicate myself to a new interest as well as build a good foundation in Korean. As an instructed and guided form of study, Sel’s topic-wise approach is easy to absorb. She also shares anecdotes about her own experiences studying Korean or interacting with native speakers, and there are related BTS-ARMY discussions often, providing cultural nuances and context not found in textbooks.
She also facilitates TOPIK practice after a basic level which, even if you don’t plan to give the test, is a great way to become fluent in Korean. If there’s a sudden live, she reschedules class (unless it’s an exam!), flexibility any ARMY would appreciate! Outside of classes, she is accessible and helpful if one has doubts or questions. 
Learning an unfamiliar, entirely new language is no easy feat, and how far you go depends just as much on your own efforts as on an instructor, as with anything. But you’ll have a great teacher and motivator in Sel on that journey if you choose to take her classes.
- Pia, India

Fee Structure

Individual classes

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Group classes

For those who wish to join Group weekend classes, please stay on the lookout for Google Forms being posted for application on Twitter for Grade 0 and Grade 1  groups.

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