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편지 (Letter) is a hidden track on FACE by BTS Jimin, like the past hidden tracks 바다 (Sea) on the album LOVE YOURSELF 承 'HER' and 길 (Path) on 2 Cool for Skool. Hidden tracks can officially only be listened to on the physical albums and are not available on music streaming sites, however, reuploads might be available on sites.

The member Jung kook has also been credited on this track.

어떤 말 해야할지 또 어떻게 전할지
서툴기만 하네요
뻔하단 걸 알지만
가볍지 않도록 이 말을 전할게요

What should I say and how should I convey
I just feel bad with words
I know they're obvious but
I'll say these words in a way it doesn't sound lighthearted

I say oh oh 더 행복하길 바래요
나 넘어질 때면 내게 그 손 내밀어주던 You¹
I say oh oh 이젠 내가 잡아줄게요¹

울고 싶을 때면 넘어지지는 않도록

I say oh oh, I hope you're even happier
You, who gave me their hand when I fell¹
I say oh oh, now I'll hold it for you¹

So you don't fall when you feel like crying

시간이 흐른 뒤에도
우린 그대로일까
처음 만난 그 때처럼

After this time has flowed by
Will we be the same
Like back then when we first met?

우리가 함께라면²
사막도 바다가 될 수 있던²

그때 그 모습 그대로

If we are together²
The desert could become the sea²

Exactly like us from back then?

I say oh oh 꼭 영원하길 바래요
추운 겨울 속 내게 따뜻한 봄날 같던 You³
I say oh oh 언제나 간직할게요
너와 나 그 사이 채웠던 그 순간들을

I say oh oh, I hope we are certainly forever
You, who were like warm spring to me in cold winter³I say oh oh, I'll always cherish
The moments that filled in between you and me

Baby 떠나지는 마
그냥 내 곁에 Stay
작디 작은 날 크게 봐준 너에게
받은 만큼만 전할 수 있게
내가 했던 말 지킬 수 있게

Baby, don't leave
Just stay next to me
To you, who saw me who was tiny as (someone) big
So that I can give back as much as I've received
So that I can keep the words I said

걱정하지 마
그냥 네 곁에 Stay
어떤 날이 기다릴지 모르기에
무섭긴 하지만 겁이 나지만
함께라는 말 항상 잊지 마

Don't worry
Just stay next to you
Since we don't know what kind of days await us
It's scary but, feels afraid but
Don't forget that we are always together

뻔하단 걸 알지만
가볍지 않도록 이 말을 전할게요

I know they're obvious but
I'll say these words in a way it doesn't sound lighthearted




1. reference to the lyrics of Save Me:


'그 손을 내밀어줘, save me, save me
I need your love before I fall, fall'

'Give me your hand, save me, save me

need your love before I fall, fall'


2. reference to the THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL Seoul slogan banner based on the lyrics of Sea:


'우리가 함께라면 사막도 바다가 돼'

If we are together, even the desert becomes the sea'


3. reference to the Permission to Dance in Seoul slogan banner based on the lyrics of Spring Day:

'추운 겨울 끝을 지나 다시 봄날에 만나는 거니까'

'Past the end of the cold winter, since we're meeting in the spring'

Please note that I will keep working on improving the tone of this translation and possible corrections (if needed), therefore, this translation will keep being updated.

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