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STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)

Right, 힘든 게 있어 내 친구에 대해
가치관, 성격 대립, 매일 우정 자연재해
좋게 좋게 말해도 의문이 드는 reaction
베푸는 건 내(ㅔ) 쪽, 애써 감추려 red sun

Right, there's a difficult thing about my friend
Conflicting values, personalities, every day the friendship is a disaster
Even on speaking well and nicely, doubtful reaction
(Both believe it's) a favor from their side, diligently hiding red sun

Please stop stop stop
Stop stop stop stop
Don’t fight fight fight
Fight fight fight fight

밉고 야속하지만 한 번 더 생각을 해
어떻게 다 비슷하고 어떻게 다 똑같아?
본질은 바뀔 순 없어 인지해가 be myself
단 한 톨의 믿음이 날 지배해
‘There are no bad people in the world’

(Some people might be) despicable and harsh, but think about it once again
How can everyone be similar and the same?
A person's essence can't be changed, recognizing (that), be myself
Only one belief dominates me:
‘There are no bad people in the world’

그래 나도 뉴스는 봐
But what’s that?
Deadly criminal, 정말 사람이 저래?
짐승보다 못한 인간들의 행위
참 더럽더라고
심하게 말해 사람 새끼인가 싶더라고, 나도

Yeah I also watch the news
But what’s that?
Deadly criminal, can a human really be like that?
The acts of humans are even worse than beasts
It was quite sickening
To say seriously, even I wondered if that was really even a human

Wait, stop stop stop
Stop stop stop stop
Calm down down down
Down down down down

그래 이건 원초적으로 돌아가
다시 그들을 봐
살아온 환경, 교육, 시스템
나와 다른 부분은 무엇인가?
의지해 보는 거야, 하나만
인간 본연의 모습, 그 하나만
Please be right

Okay go back to the basics
Take a look at them again
The environment, education, system (they've been) living in
Which of them is different from mine?
Trying to rely on just one thing
Humans' fundamental form, just that
Please be right

요즘은 smart 한 세상
But not smart 한 게 태반
분노의 비대면 회담
희생은 시간문제야
불안전한 area
So, too many viruses
무의식적인 오염, 나도 피할 순 없는 거야

These days it's a ‘smart’ world
But not smart for the most part
Online meetings (full) of rage
Sacrifices are only a matter of time
Unsafe area
So, too many viruses
Unintentional pollution/contamination, even I can't avoid it

Stop stop stop
Stop stop stop stop
Change our minds minds minds
Minds minds minds minds

인과법칙에 의하여 세상에 나온 우리
그렇다 한들 일체유심조¹
우리가 만드는 거지
작은 시작이 큰 발걸음이기에
세상은 변해 나쁜 사람은 없기에

We, who came into this world by the law of cause and effect
Even then ‘everything comes from the mind’¹
We're making (this world)
As a small beginning becomes a big step
As the world changes since there are no bad people

That’s right?





1. 一切唯心造 (일체유심조 in Korean) is a belief that everything depends on our minds/hearts.

Read in depth.


Please note that I will keep working on improving the tone of this translation and possible corrections (if needed), therefore, this translation will keep being updated.

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