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우린 서로 갖춰 시선들을 맞춰
사람 위에 사람 없고
사람 밑에 사람 없어
Let’s roll

We're at par with each other, tuning into each other's eyes
There's no person above another
There's no person beneath another
Let’s roll

With love
With trust
With respect
Step by step

우린 아직 세상에 무심해
관심이 필요해 우리에겐
변화의 시작은 곧이기에
어쩌면 우리의 몫이기에

We're still uninterested in this world
We need to be concerned (about it)
Since the beginning of change is soon
Since maybe it's our decision (to make)

목쉬게 외쳐도 소리 없는 아우성
피부로 느끼는 다른 점
정당하게 올라
솜뭉치로 가슴 치며 갸우뚱
세상은 넓고
사람 마음 참 좁다
꼭 같을 필요는 없어도
다른 게 왜 죄일까?

A soundless outcry even if screaming 'til the voice cracks
Feeling the difference through one's skin
Coming up fairly
And tilt the head, hitting the chest with a cotton ball (in anger)
The world is vast
And people's minds are quite narrow
Even though there's no need to be the same,
Why is a crime to be different?

나이를 넘어
성별을 넘어
국경을 넘어
어쩌면 모두의 숙제 같은 것
나부터 깨우쳐
차별 아닌 차이인 것
편견의 피해자
알아야 해 그건 우리인 것

Beyond age
Beyond gender
Beyond [nations'] borders
Maybe all of our homework is the same
Start enlightening from myself
[Enlighten others that] it's our 'difference' and not a thing to discriminate against
Victims of prejudice
We need to know that it is us

Hate’ll paralyze your mind
Gotta see the other side
It costs ya nothin’ to be kind
Not so different you and I
Lookin’ for love in a different light
Until we find that equal sign

우리가 쉬는 숨들
우리가 꾸는 꿈들
삶 속 웃음과 눈물
다 존중받을 품들

The breaths that we breathe
The dreams that we dream
The smiles and tears in our lives
All the hard work(s) that deserves respect

Just a piece to give strength
In the puzzle of our hearts
It’ll all make sense one day
So I’m singing
For love in this world

Come on
Let’s come together
Equality is you and me

Please note that I will keep working on improving the tone of this translation and possible corrections (if needed), therefore, this translation will keep being updated.

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